Mount Pisgah

This is a not quite complete topo map of some of the trails on Mount Pisgah. I will add more as I do some more exploring up there.

This mountain was once heavily mined for coal, so there are a number of access roads up there, which were once used for large machinery, so they make travel about the mountain rather easy. I havent come across very many challenging trails up here, but there are some SPECTACTULAR VIEWS!

Paragon Adventure Park

Paragon adventure park is an Off-Road part in Hazleton, PA. You can visit their website for information at http://www.paragonap.com. Ive personally been to this park twice. It’s a lot of fun! Theyve got trails for just about any skill level, and some pretty darned experienced guides!

Here are a few pictures:

Me hitting some rocks on “Chicken Run”

A picture of our skilled guide.

I dunno about this one..