This picture was taken from the top of the Powerline Access Trail. This mountain/river formation is commonly referred to as “The Ox-Bow”. Mainly because it looks like an OX-Bow. I’ve only been all the way to the top a number of times. Once with an S-10 Blazer (and a lot of luck) and the rest with my Current Jeep. The main reason that I havent been up there more often is because its a somewhat difficult trail, and I dont like to travel it alone. That, and now they’ve gated it off at the bottom… This time I was alone, and lucky to not break anything. I want to head back up and take a better panoramic picture, someday. This trail is mainly used to access the powerlines you see above my head. You can see in the pictures below that this trail is pretty windy and its mostly sandy dirt and rocks. I’ve never seen any mud on this trail, save one small puddle all the way at the bottom. This trail is located in Jim Thorpe, and is a good way to spend an afternoon. I am hoping to return there soon, with a friend or two. I love this trail, I wish it was longer. Here are some pictures of the trail itself. Heres me coming down, you get a good idea of what kind of trail it is.

A nice shot of a large section of the trail.

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