JAOCMJ 2, Uwharrie National Forest

Well, here we go again, another JAOCMJ! Last June (2002) we visited Paragon Adventure Park for JAOCMJ and had a blast! Well, after the run was over, we started talking about doing it again later in the year, but not at Paragon, someone suggested Uwharrie. Well, this is the result! On the weekend of October 19th 2002 we all packed our camping supplies and made the 10 hour drive down to Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina.

JAOCMJ 2002, Paragon Adventure Park

Well, after a long time in the planning,
we finaly got the first ever JAOCMJ out of the forums and into reality! On
Friday June 21st 2002, I woke up and started packing. Grabbed all of my camping
things, and threw them in the back of the jeep. After removing the top (completely,
hardware and all), doors, and back seat, i managed to fill the whole rear
of the jeep with suppiles. After meeting up with Rave (we met in my driveway),

Powerline Trail, and Broad Mountain, 6/7/2001

The power line trail is a rather rocky trail that was created to allow service access to the powerlines running up this mountain. Theyve become eroded to the point where they are pretty difficult to navigate, and i think the powerline guys just walk up to where they have to service anymore. It’s a lot of fun for those of us who like to wheel though. For the powerline trail i was accompanied by Adam (Rave) and his 97 TJ. Later on, when we went up to the Broad Mountain, we were joined by Chuck, and his little red 92 YJ.