jeep transmission radiator cooling fitting

Folks, on my suspension upgrade project, I discovered that the automatic transmission cooling lines that connect to the bottom of the stock radiator in my 2005 Jeep LJ were damaged. My steering actually hit them at full passenger stuff, with the wheels in the right direction. Not great.

I found it difficult to find replacement fittings. You COULD just buy new lines, they’re over $100 though, and in my case, I dont use the bulk of the stock line, because I bought an external cooler and plumbed it in line with the factory cooler. When I did that, I ran new lines down the frame out of harms way. So buying new lines seems silly. You also might be able to pop the fittings off of the end of the factory line, as they are quick-release fittings, like you’d find on fuel lines.

I wanted to just drop direct to rubber hose though, so what I needed was a hose barb adapter. Finding one in the right size was not easy. First, I dont have a way to measure the threads. So there was a bit of trial an error. Chrysler does not see fit to release the fitting size in their specs (I know a guy who works in a Jeep dealers parts department, HE couldn’t find the spec!). Aftermarket radiators who DO publish these fitting sizes, but most of them say the fitting is 5/8″. The factory one is not,

I found the fitting to be M14x1.5. Some folks suggest that this is a European standard, I could not verify that though.

I bought the following fittings, and they fit!

I hope this post helps you find these fittings with less frustration than I had.

Also note, that many folks suggested I simply eliminate the radiator cooler, and use my external cooler only. Ive read mixed opinions on why that’s fine, or not fine. I would rather not chance it. I am happy to have found these fittings.

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