The broad mountain is part of a mountain range in Northeastern PA. It lies between Nesquehoning, and Hazleton. Its about 5 miles from my home in Jim Thorpe. There is an access road that is pretty tame running along the top of the mountain. This road is open to traffic. Mostly for firefighters, Hunters, Campers, and of course, 4-wheelers. I have never seen a single sign that bars the use of the main access road. There are a few patches which are posted, but for the most part its all open. There are many side-trails which lead you back into the woods, and come to a turn around, or loop back to the main road. Some of these trails are simple, and lead you to some interesting places, and others are rather difficult. Nothing too extreme, mostly mud and ruts. This trail has very few rocks, but its a good place to spend a few free hours.

Here are some pictures of this area.

The main access road

A field that you pass on the way out. You can see my Fiance Waaaaaaay down there on that pile of dirt. She didnt like the field. At least not driving in it.

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