Real Life Wheelin, Wrenching, and Fabrication

Welcome! I hope you’ve come here looking for some down-to-earth jeepin content, because that’s what you’ll find here! Have a look at the descriptions below for some highlights, and check the menus at the top for even more. Thanks for visiting!


If you’re looking for off-road inspired or SWBCrawler themed shirts, hats, leggings, stickers, or neck gaiters, you should head over to our shop! We’ve got jeep and off-road themed apparel, or maybe you’d just like to show your support for SWBCrawler!

Product Reviews

If you’re looking for some of our product reviews, check out this listing of our YouTube content reviewing various tools and mods we’ve made. Welders, plasma cutters, LED Headlights, we’ve got a few.

How-To Videos

Looking for How-to content? Good News! We’ve got plenty of that! It’s how this site got started! Check out out How-To videos, and dont forget to look back at our tech articles as well.

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