For the past 5 years or so, my parking brake has been dis-functional. Due to rear brake adjustment, and stretched cables.

When I did the SOA, i replaced all of the cables, well, all except the main cable running from the pedal to the T junction for the rear wheels. My rocker guard was in the way for that one, i’ll re-visit that one later.

In order to compensate for the new height, i replaced the passenger side cable with a stock YJ cable, and the drivers side cable with a cable from an XJ. The XJ cable is just long enough that i can get a decent amount of droop out of the axle without limiting movemeny. The problem is, the internal cable in the xj cable is about an inch longer than the YJ cable. I ended up with a mis-match at the adjuster, and i’m unable to adjust my brakes.

The right way to fix this would probably be to start trying to source new cables from some other vehicle, or get some place to make them custom. I came up with a good temporary fix though.

These sleeves came with my new shocks. I didnt use all of them (they sent a number of lengths/diameters), so i took one, cut it to the length i needed, and simply put it in place between the mounting surface on the frame, and the end of the cable. This pulls the cable back about 1″, and makes it almost a perfect match for the stock cable.

I did have to tighten the adjuster down until it’s almost out of threads, but i think this is because of the cable that i didnt replace. I’ll get that one done someday when i have time to pull the rocker guards off. Then i should be good to go!

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