Well, here we go again, another JAOCMJ! Last June (2002) we visited Paragon Adventure Park for JAOCMJ and had a blast! Well, after the run was over, we started talking about doing it again later in the year, but not at Paragon, someone suggested Uwharrie. Well, this is the result! On the weekend of October 19th 2002 we all packed our camping supplies and made the 10 hour drive down to Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina.
The full write-up is on the way, Ill get it completed as soon as I have all the pictures from the trip, and have the time to write it!
For now, heres an amusing picture that we saw on the way down.

Well, looks like no write-up, i never got to it, and its too far gone now to recall all the details. Ill try to get one made for the
next runs. Really, i mean it!

More pics can be found here.

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