Here are some pictures, with descriptions from my trip to Paragon Adventure Park in the summer of 2001.

There were 6 of us including the guide. The guide had a really nice TJ, then there was a couple in a stock Grand Cherokee (not sure of the year, but pretty new), then a nicely built CJ with a ‘glass tub a very loud locker and 33’s (i think), then a couple (looked like father/daughter) in a stock green TJ, then my friend Adam (Rave) with 3 passengers (his cousin, her husband, and his sister), then of course, Me and my Girlfriend Fiance Jess. We (my friend, and I that is) got there Late and joined the group at around noon (oops).

Sit Down! We were actually stopped waiting for the Grand Cherokee to get over something.
Just sitting around waiting. Waiting in line at the “Rock Swamp” The CJ bashing its way through the Rock Swamp
The CJ finishing the Rock Swamp Our guide let one of the stock jeeper’s use Her TJ for this trail. NICE JEEP! Here I am starting the Rock Swamp
Still going along Doing pretty well arent I? Listening to the Spotters. Spotter looked away for a second, I thought I knew what I was doing and ended up hung up on a rock on my U-bolt.
Rave coming along in to help me out… Pulled me off the rock, here is the (rather minimal) dammage. Shot of a nice SOA YJ that we spotted.
Another one A better one
Just a hill we climbed A nice puddle (if you want to call it that?) It was pretty deep. Here you can see where the water line came up to on the side of my jeep, Just above the side steps.
Rave plowing through the same puddle Hanging out again A nice hill they had us climb. I was kinda afraid to try this one, but it was ok. 🙂
This one is more of a Lake I guess. thats a Stock TJ! I guess ill try Turning around to come back
On the way back Out of the water Rave giving it a shot
Another little hill. Not as hesitant for this one.
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