You asked, and I’m answering! I may do more of these, and those of you who’s questions didn’t get answered, please don’t worry, if I do another one you’ll be at the top of the list!

Jason W (fb)
how did you talk your wife into letting you do so much with your Jeep? Asking for a friend

Bearded Jeeper (fb)
What’s your dream Jeep

Nickly G (@jeepinnick on insta)
Is a hotdog a sandwich? If cows only eat grass, why isnt milk green? And why does this room have padded walls?

Rubicon Robert (YT)
I have a stock 2005 LJ Rubicon automatic. I am looking at either a Currie 4” or going with a 3.5 Rock Krawler Long Arm suspension and running 35’s. It’s a daily driver . I usually do light to moderate trails. The RK lifts mention dropped pitman arm. What can be used instead of dropped pitman? I have read DPA’s are bad for TJ/LJ’s. Thanks.

Michael H (YT)
Hey You just made the front bumper My question is. What is the Most Basic of Wenchplate\Bumper Design have you seen for a Wrangler..tj or jk

David O (fb)
When are you coming to the sand dunes with me?

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