So, I built a bumper, but it’s the first time I’ve ever built something so important, and possibly deadly. What if I put a strap on these recovery points and after one good tug the whole thing comes flying out of the bumper and into someones windshield? Or worse? I don’t want that to happen. So I asked Offroad Consulting, how should I test my bumper? He gave me two good suggestions.

  1. Lift the Jeep up with a hi-lift attached to the recovery point.
  2. Wrap a strap around a tree, and give the strap a few good tugs, enough to test the bumper, but not enough to break the jeep.

So thats what I did, and because I am who I am, and I share all of these projects, good or bad, with you, I did it on camera. How’d it turn out? You’ll just have to watch.

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