See the finished product here: https://youtu.be/XSg8Gr3ifxs

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I’m finally starting the LJ’s bumper build! Do you want to learn how to fabricate without all the expensive tools you’re seeing on the bigger channels? I’ve decided it’s time to stop wishing I could afford the fancy fab tools, and just get started!

Today I’m starting the bumper build, it’s made out of 3/16″ plate, and will incorporate a winch plate, and recovery points. The recovery points are, so far, the only piece I’m buying pre-fabricated. They’re just too thick and too important for me to try to attempt on my own.

This is about the first half of the build, and I’ll hopefully finish it up in the next video, there may be enough content for 2 more. I took quite a bit of editing to trim this down to a watchable length! Let me know if you like where I’m going with this.

Check out Cardboard Aided Design for some background, and the precursor to this build.

Thanks for watching!

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