… Is sort of like putting a child up for adoption.. You want to find it the best home posible, you want it to have a good life, and you want it to live on…

Not that I’ve ever adopted, or put a child up for, adoption.. But I’ve owned my 1992 YJ Islander since 2001. That’s 12 years if you’re counting. In that time it’s gone from a completely stock street Jeep, to an SOA crawler. It’s gone from my daily driver, to my trail toy, and now it’s gone from mine, to someone elses. If you’ve followed along, or if you know me from Jeepaholics Anonymous’ heyday, you’ve seen this Jeep’s, and my, transformation from novice, to relatively hardcore. From novice mechanic, to experienced jeepaholic, from stock YJ on 31’s, to SOA’d, locked, and armored trail rig. I always tried to keep it unique, I always tried to keep it.. Mine. Now its not, and I’m a little sad.

I still have the XJ, and DIYJ down in the garage. But they’re not the smurf, as those loving individuals on JA called it… I’ll miss it. Mike, if you’re reading, take good care of it, and have fun!

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