Well, my commuter car, an 05 Dodge Neon, is no longer in my possession. It was hit by a hail storm about a month ago, and the insurance company has decided to total it.

Why do I post this on swbcrawler.com? Because this means I finally have a means of getting myself back into a Jeep commuter! I’m looking around the used lots for an XJ or a TJ, or maybe a ZJ or WJ. Trying to find that perfect combo of mileage, price, and overall drive-ability. Fuel economy is on the list, but I’m sure you can guess that if I’m looking for a Jeep, fuel economy isn’t the top priority. I’m hoping for high teens, or low 20’s for MPG, we’ll see i guess. I’m sure I can tweak this and that to try to squeeze more fuel economy out of the 4.0.

I’ll post an update once I’ve made a purchase. Wish me luck!

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