May 21, 2019

03 – Decisions

It’s episode 3!  Today I’m talking about, and looking for feedback on, a decision I’m mulling over regarding the future of DIYJ.


02 – Paracord!

Tonight I talk about paracord, some details about how to find good paracord, how to identify whether you’ve got good paracord, and what makes my paracord grab handles different from some of the others on the market.


01 – Getting Started

Welcome back!  In this episode I ramble on about getting yourself started, with that new to you rig.  What should you do before hitting the trails?


00 – Introductions

Like all good things, there must be a beginning.  This is the first ever recording of the SWBCrawlerCast.  In this episode I cover some intorductions, and explanation on what I hope this podcast will become.  Enjoy!