So I took some time to start tearing out what’s left of the remnants of the 2.5L from DIYJ.  This meant the computer, and the wiring harness. 

On the 1990 YJ, with the 2.5L TBI, the computer is located inside the cab, behind the glove box.  I had already removed the dash panels, so I could see the computer, but getting it out was a bit of a job. 

So, you can see that its nestled in there nicely.  The black connector on the left end of the computer is what runs out into the engine compartment.  It runs over toward the drivers side of the cab, and through the firewall into the engine compartment.  This is all well and good, except that it runs behind the duct work for the defogger.  There is not enough room left to pull the cable out without removing the duct work first.  In order to remove the duct work, you also need to remove the dash plate.  Something I’d intended to do anyway, and hadn’t done yet.  So, now’s a good time right?  Removing the dash plate was straightforward.  Get all of the wires and whatnot disconnected from it (some of them are tied in place to the back of the panel) and remove any switches and whatnot that are attached.  In my case, the headlight switch and dimmer were both attached to the dash plate.  Also, speakers, and speedometer need to be disconnected. Once they’re all taken care of, remove the torx bolts that hold the plate to the body, these are along the sides, and across the top (fold the windshield forward to get to the top).  After that, all that’s left is to remove the steering wheel, which will require a steering wheel puller.

Cable Routing.

Duct Removal

And there’s my cable.

Dash removed.

I managed to get the harness all pulled out, but it’s going to be difficult to remove it, as its got all of my lights and whatnot incorporated in it.  Its possible that I’ll just pull this mess out and pay for it later, by buying a new harness from somewhere like Painless, or elsewhere.

For now, I have the computer removed, which means I could likely sell the motor.  I’m asking around for buyers.  I just want the thing gone.  Ill cart it off to the junk yard if it doesn’t sell.

Thats it for now.  Hopefully i’ll be getting some more work done soon.  My next goal is to get the tub off of the frame.  Then its clean clean clean. and paint.  The frame appears to be in decent shape, but it’s got a lot of surface rust.  I’ll be going over it all with a wire wheel, or whatever works best, and then painting it all.  The tub will get a similar treatment, though, it’s in good enough shape, that it’s more for clean-up and modification purposes. 

Im toying with a few ideas.  Raising the wheel wells to open up the rear wheels.  Even the possibility of stretching the body for more room. 

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