Today, I got the rest of the 2.5L Wiring harness out of DIYJ.  I had a little help.

Since I removed the dash plate last time around, I figured today that I’d clean it up, and paint it, so it doesnt rust up again.  I took a wire wheel to the entire surface of the plate, and then wiped it all down with paint thinner.

Then I hit it all with some rustoleum black primer.

Then, I hit the outside facing surface with some Rustoleum hammered finishe, also black.


Its still drying but it came out pretty nice.  I dont expect to be installing it anytime soon, but at least it’s done.  I also got the drivers seat taken out of DIYJ.  My next task, i think, is to get the roll bar taken out, so I can start to figure out how to get the body off of the frame.  Once it’s all torn down, i can start working on cleaning up the frame, and the tub.  The bottom of the tub looks pretty rusty.


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