January 28, 2020

Dana 60 BOM hunting

So after getting my hands on these D60’s, I really needed to identify what they actually came out of. Every D60 has a Bill of Materials number stamped into it… somewhere. In the case of the rear, it was right on the diff. For the front however, it wasn’t so easy. If you’re looking for […]

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A Mixed Bag

A number of us got together for a day at the AOAA in late October. It rained hard in the morning and a bunch of folks bailed out. Those of us that stuck it out ended up having an AWESOME day! Check it out.

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TJ Gas filler spit fix

For some later years in the Jeep TJ, there was this problem with the fuel filler hose, where when your pump cut off, the tank would spit some fuel back at you. It’s annoying, its messy, and its wasteful. I tried the Trailblazer flapper valve fix, which didn’t help at all, and then finally decided […]

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Rokmen Engine Skid Install

After installing my new transmission, I also added this Rokmen engine/trans skid, because the stock pan was destroyed in the removal. I like this skid, if you want to see how to install the skid, with the stock belly pan, check it out.

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Jeep TJ 42RLE P0700 and P1775

Note: If you’re here to find out what P0700 and P1775 mean, because you just got these codes. PARK YOUR VEHICLE, GET IT TOWED TO A MECHANIC. So I’m driving in to work, on a Thursday, about 3 weeks ago. Just minding my own business. About half way there, I notice that the LJ doesn’t […]

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Organize your nuts!

Just a little organization hack I’m trying for this project. Should keep things easy to find when it’s time to reinstall everything!

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I Think I broke it…

An unscheduled quick cast.. I think I broke the Jeep… Sigh.

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A “stock” 2020 Jeep Gladiator racing KoH?

Call it stock if you want, but this this is a nicely built 2020 Gladiator, and we’ll see it run the King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge. I am seriously looking forward to seeing this thing race…

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Automatic Vs. Manual

Are you on one side of this debate or the other? Do you think only the only real Jeeps are Manual? Or do you take any edge you can in your offoad rig? I’m talking about Automatic Vs. Manual transmissions!

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QuickCast 26 – You Build You

It’s another quick cast! I kind of go on a bit about building your jeep to fit your needs, and not worrying too much about what everyone else thinks you should build. Enjoy!

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