January 25, 2020

12 – Axles, Ford 8.8, D60, GM 14 Bolt, and some closing thoughts.

In this crawlcast Episode, I’m talking about some non-factory options, The Ford 8.8, Dana 60, and the GM 14 bolt.  I’m also going to give you some closing thoughts.


11 – Axles, D30, 35C, and D44

In this Crawlcast episode, I’m covering the Dana 30, 35c, and Dana44 (Also the 44a).


Currie Anti-Rock Flex Killer, Or Ultimate Stabilizer?

Of course your stock sway bar limits your suspensions travel, that’s it’s job.  So it’s only natural to do someting about that to get the most out of your rig off-road.  I’ve owned a few Jeeps, and never really got the point of the Anti-Rock.  Sure, it sounded convenient, no more crawling under my rig […]