• Synergic Controlled on MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • 4 Functions in 1 of Gas MIG /Gasless MIG / Lift TIG / Stick
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035″) MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035″) MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)
  • Apply to D100/D200 rolls (<10lbs) of MIG wire
  • 200 Amp Gas/Gasless MIG welder with a 50 Amp plug(220V)
  • 160 Amp Gas/Gasless MIG welder with a 35 Amp plug(110V)


Synergic Controlled

  • 2T/4Tdesign: 2T- spot welding and simple work.4T- continuous long-term welding and releases your fingers.
  • “One button selection” design, easy to choose different welding mode to meet different welding requirements, Gas/Gasless MIG, Stick or Lift TIG.
  • Synergic Control MIG Function allows the automatic change of the voltage & wire feeding speed by adjusting the amperage or choosing different thicknesses. It will match the welding chart set in the data.

Gasless/Gas MIG Welding

  • Can handle 2 lb and 10 lb rolls of wire.
  • Gas MIG ,recommended to use .030″ (0.8mm) &.035″ (0.9mm) ER70S-6 in CO2/MIG and 25%CO2 / 75% Argon MAG, 0.23 need to purchase a additional roller
  • GASLESS,recommended to use defalut setting .035″ (0.9mm) ET71-GS flux wire, (.030″ flux wire is available on tension 3.5 & Amp>100A)

DC Stick Weld/Lift TIG

  • The YESWELDER MIG-205DS can easily run stick electrodes. A stinger and ground clamp are included with your machine for this process. This unit can weld with 7018/6011 electrodes up to 5/32″ @220V .
  • Lift TIG available (Torch for TIG Welding not included)


  • Please do not use MIG 205DS on a rainy day or places with water.
  • Please clear the machine with a compressor after works dusty environment or at no using a long time.
  • Do not weld gas MIG/Lift TIG without connecting gas.

Not able to weld Aluminum plate nor is compatible with a spool gun

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