Every year we try to get together for a weekend of wheeling and camping.  This year, like the last 2 years, we decided to hit AOAA. We had a group of 6 rigs for Saturday, and 5 for Sunday.  Tammy, (JeepMomma) one of the Co-Hosts of The Jeep Talk Show, which I contribute to.  I invited her along so she could experience a new park.  She’s been hitting Rausch Creek and while that’s a great park, it’s good to get to other places and experience more. She wasn’t able to make the whole weekend though, so she just came saturday morning, and left saturday evening.

The rest of us camped from Friday night, and wheeled Saturday and Sunday.  It was a fun weekend, and it was great meeting Tammy and getting to introduce her to our group.  While we’re all more experienced, she was able to keep up just fine, and we made sure we had some guys available to spot her whenever she felt like she needed it.

I had my wife and our oldest daughter along. My wife is a little bit of a chicken when it comes to harder obstacles, but she’s happy to get out and take pictures. Kiera, our daughter, is getting used to it. She had to get used to some of the noises the rocks made when they contacted the bottom of the jeep. You’ll hear her in the first section of the video, but you’ll notice she gets better as they video goes on.

I’ve uploaded all of the pictures that I have to my Gallery.  I’ve also made a nice video report, which I’ll embed below.


Blaine’s video

And Tammy’s Barney Rubble Run


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