Well, after much internal debate, I decided to part off and sell DIYJ.  It had sat for so long and I was making little to no proress on it.  The expense of doing what I really wanted to do with it was daunting to say the least.  Building a YJ when I have two kids that I want to take out on the trail with me also seemed a little foolish as well, when I had the LJ which was much better suited for a family.  So I listed a part-out ad on CraigsList, and started selling off parts.  The body, axles, and some other components are all gone.  The frame remains, but I have a buyer lined up for that.  Some miscellaneous parts are hanging out in my garage still.  I may scrap them, or keep trying to sell them. 


On the LJ front, I used the proceeds from selling off DIYJ to fund a Bestop Trektop NX.  Which earned me some garage clearance.  Which allowed me to install a spacer lift.  Which I did last weekend.  My little stock LJ isn’t looking so stock anymore.

I installed some 1.75″ spacers, and some home-brew bump stop extensions.  I’m waiting on some shocks, and then It’ll be ready to hit the trails again.  Which is good, I’m really itching to get out and wheel.  I’m mulling over what to do about tires.  I may keep the 31’s for daily driving, and get something larger on some other wheels for trail use.  Once the jeep doesnt see daily use anymore it’ll be a different story, but for now I need to keep economy and performance in mind. 

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