A short time ago, I took an evening and got the old 2.5l out of DIYJ, and now it sits on a tire on my garage floor.

The procedure was about as simple as I’d think engine removal can get. Disconnect.. well, everything, then find a way to support the motor while connected to a hoist, and.. Hoist!

I ended up having to cut some rubber fuel lines that were attached to the throttle body. The throttle body needs replacement anyway, so i just took it off while removing the motor. It made disconnecting the throttle cable that much easier. I unplugged all of the plumbing for the radiator and power steering pump. Then I unplugged all of the electronics, and then all of the wiring for the alternator and starter. Once that was done, the motor just lifted right out. The rest of the drive train was already removed, so I didnt have anything to worry about there.

If anyone wants a 2.5L cheap, let me know! 😀

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