January 28, 2020

Jeep JT Gladiator Leaked!

As if it were planned, weeks before the unveil of the much anticipated Jeep Pickup, the FCA Media site has accidentelly leaked images and specs for the upcoming model!  And even though we ewre all expecting the Scrambler name, it looks like it’s going to be called Gladiator! Check out this video to get my […]

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ProClip Tablet Mount in a 2005 LJ

In an increasingly connected world, some of us find it extremely useful to have a device at our fingertips while driving.  I’ll leave the opinions about whether you should or shouldn’t have access to your mobile device while behind the wheel for someone else to debate.  Responsible device usage while on the trail can be […]

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August Giveaway!

For the first time ever, SWBCrawler is running a giveaway!  You can see more details in this video. The basics are this!  Find your favorite video of mine on https://www.youtube.com/c/SWBCrawler Share that video on your social network of choice, tagging SWBCrawler when you do so.  I’ll keep track of who does so , and on […]

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My Jeep Story

About two months ago, a Youtuber by the name of Chris Meacham started this really cool idea.  He told us all his Jeep story, and then called out three more Jeepers to do the same.  Those three told their story, and then called out three more.  And so on.  I got called out on the […]

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ToolTips with Nate

I recently decided to start a series of videos on my Youtube channel. ToolTips with Nate.  I’ll be taking less common tools, and showing folks what they are and what they’re for!  You can find a playlist here!


AOAA January 2018 run with some YouTube buddies

A few of us Youtubers, involved in the OffRaod Network, decided it’d be good to get us all out on the trail together to get some combined footage.  Among other things, I built this longer video highlighting our day on the trail.  Enjoy!

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Spotting can be tricky.  I decided to take a bunch of footage we gathered on our January AOAA outing, and turn it into a video on how to spot rigs trough tough trails.  I hope you find it helpful!

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Dana 44 axle seals and bearings

The axle tube seals on my rear D44 were shot.  They’d been leaking slowly for quite some time.  Replacing them requires removing the bearings as well, so I had to get the bearing kits, and arrange some time with a buddy with a press.  What I didnt realize is that my bearings were SHOT!  SO […]

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Identifying a trac-lok with the kids.

I wondered if the rear D44 in my LJ had a trac-lok or not.  Internet lore suggested that it did, but I wanted to be certain.  I had the rear shafts out to replace seals/bearings anyway, so I pulled the cover and replaced the fluid while I was at it.  Perfect time to see if […]

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Hey folks, I’ve decided to open up a patreon for swbcrawler. I could go into details, but instead, you can just watch this video. Thanks!

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