December 15, 2018

J.T. Brooks Tire Deflators, vs my old generic deflators

Hey folks, we’re just past Christmas, and one of the few SWBCrawler related gifts I received (aside from a really nice set to ratcheting wrenches) was a set of the J.T. Brooks Pro tire deflators. Now, getting the air out of your tires seems easy enough right?  I did it manually for years, and then […]

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AOAA BA trail, and Jeepin with Kids

I recorded this video during one of our family runs to the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.  Part of it is gimbal, the rest is stationary.  BA is a fun trail, that I like to hit when we’re at AOAA.  You also get to experience my wife’s singing, to keep the kids calm in the rocks.  […]

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SWBQuickCast #1

I’m trying something new, similar to the crawlcast, but video!  Im calling thse the SWBQuickCast.  

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TJ Axle Shaft Replacement.

I’ve created a shop video on replacing a D30 (or 44) axle shaft replacement video, you can find it here:

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Jeep Talk Show Episode 311

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Jeep Talk Show Episode 311.  I talked about running a mild lift TJ, and got to add commentary for the rest of the show.  Check it out here:


Trail Tire Repair

I’ve had a few run-ins with tire problems this year, I thought I’d make a video to show folks how easy it is to unseat and re-seat your tire with a hi-lift jack and OBA.

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Rock Run Recreation Area

Back in April, I was invited out to the central part of PA to check out the Rock Run Recreation Area. I wheel with a couple who are locals in the area, and helped cut some of the trails at Rock Run with various groups over the years.  It was about a 4 hour drive […]

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