January 24, 2020

Organize your nuts!

Just a little organization hack I’m trying for this project. Should keep things easy to find when it’s time to reinstall everything!

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I Think I broke it…

An unscheduled quick cast.. I think I broke the Jeep… Sigh.

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A “stock” 2020 Jeep Gladiator racing KoH?

Call it stock if you want, but this this is a nicely built 2020 Gladiator, and we’ll see it run the King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge. I am seriously looking forward to seeing this thing race…

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Automatic Vs. Manual

Are you on one side of this debate or the other? Do you think only the only real Jeeps are Manual? Or do you take any edge you can in your offoad rig? I’m talking about Automatic Vs. Manual transmissions!

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