June 19, 2019

Planting Happy Trees at the AOAA

https://youtu.be/i3l0sV5T5XU For earth day, we planted a bunch of trees at the AOAA! Enjoy!

HotCars.com doesn’t get it – 15 Things About Jeeps That Make No Sense (rebuttal)

Hey Crawlers! I just read an article that was shared on social media from HotCars.com....+More

Jeep Gladiator Pricing Hoax, Tacos, and a garage oops

https://youtu.be/U-vzOcL1DUk Today I'm talking about a price hoax that's come across social media for the...+More

Jeep TJ 42RLE P0700 and P1775

https://youtu.be/QdJaDR2J-i4 Note: If you're here to find out what P0700 and P1775 mean, because you...+More
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Organize your nuts!

https://youtu.be/Gu6X198Mee4 Just a little organization hack I'm trying for this project. Should keep things easy...+More
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I Think I broke it…

https://youtu.be/glMu_ADvQI0 An unscheduled quick cast.. I think I broke the Jeep... Sigh.
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A “stock” 2020 Jeep Gladiator racing KoH?

https://youtu.be/XLSuk-aS2Sw Call it stock if you want, but this this is a nicely built 2020...+More
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Automatic Vs. Manual

https://youtu.be/8uKCuqGmhxo Are you on one side of this debate or the other? Do you think...+More
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QuickCast 26 – You Build You

https://youtu.be/iK47-v-XQvk It's another quick cast! I kind of go on a bit about building your...+More
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Jeep JT Gladiator Leaked!

As if it were planned, weeks before the unveil of the much anticipated Jeep Pickup,...+More
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