I finally had a chance to get some work done on DIYJ.  Finally I have the tub off of the frame.  After quite some time, I figured out the right combination of straps, and ratchets, and whatever to get the tub off. 


I have 3 ratchet straps, two at the corners of the front of the tub, and one in the center of the rear, running up the the floor joists above my garage.  I took a tow strap, and ran it along the bottom of the tub, along the frame rails, and attached the ratchet straps to each end, and to a d-ring around the middle (center of the rear of the tub).  It worked perfectly.  i was alble to lift the tub high enough to get my tallest jack stands, and some tall saw horses benleath the tub.  Then i re-situated things.  Putting a chain around the rear of the stock cage, and attaching that to the center ratchet strap, and then taking the tow strap around the base of the main hoop of the roll cage.  Then through the hole where the t-case and transmission shifters come up, and around to the front of the tub.  Where I then re-conected my ratchets.  I then ratcheted it up high enough to get the frame rolled out from under the tub.

Then I lowered the whole shebang back down on to the saw horses and jack stands, leaving the ratchet straps attached for safety’s sake.  I’d hate for the tub to fall off of the stands I have it on without any safety net. 


My plan now is to start a few things.  First is frame clean up, repair if necessary, and paint.  i’ll also cut off various brackets and whatnot that I know I don’t need.  I’m still unsure what’s happening suspension wise.  However, if I do a 4-link in the rear,  I’ll be back-halfing the frame to make room for the 4-link and coils.   I’ll also start working on the tub, remove the old flares, and start cleaning things up.  It’s going to get paint before it’s done, so I’ll start prepping for that. Now that it’s apart, I can start taking little trips to the garage to get things done in between kids homework, dance classes, diaper changes, and whatever else lifes been throwing at me.  


Garage is getting a little crowded…

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