January 26, 2020

BamBar – The ultimate anti-wrap solution

Originally published on: Anti-Wrap Like You’ve Never Seen Written by: Al Bsharah 11/20/01 The ultimate in anti-wrap solutions.  This bar does not bind, does not hinder articulation, does not cause anti-squat, and does not make Jello out of your springs. As many of you have realized as your leaf-sprung rigs have grown in size and […]


TJ Gas Filler Hose hack.

Please note, that this article is out-dated, the proper fix is found here. So, apparently some re-design in 2005 at Jeep caused this issue.  When you fill your TJ’s gas tank all the way up to full, it spits about half a cup of gas at you.  Spilling down the side of your Jeep, hitting […]